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Braxton 1

10 PM - $ 36



Anthony Braxton : saxophones

This concert and RENÉ LUSSIER’s, presented as a double bill, have been specially programmed this year to celebrate the 30th anniversary of FIMAV’s sister record label Les Disques VICTO.

Inviting ANTHONY BRAXTON for this occasion was a given. Legendary sax player, revolutionary composer, genius thinker, and an old friend of the Festival, Mr. BRAXTON is featured on nine VICTO CDs. These range from duo improvised meetings (with Derek Bailey and Fred Frith) to his large ensembles, his classic mid-’80s/mid-’90s quartet, and his ’00s sextet, not to forget his astounding performance with noise band Wolf Eyes. Each of these records still has something to teach us, as the man’s artistic thinking runs uncannily deep.

BRAXTON’s relationship with Les Disques VICTO and FIMAV is so positive that tonight he will be treating us to the unthinkable: a solo set. His last solo recording dates back to 2005. His last live solo performance? In 2012, as far as we can tell. Which goes to show how precious a birthday present this is.


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Anthony Braxton




lussier 1
Luzio Altobelli : accordéon
Julie Houle : tuba
Robbie Kuster : batterie
Marton Maderspach : batterie
René Lussier : guitares, daxophone

It is in order to release the concert presented by RENÉ LUSSIER and Fred Frith at the 4th FIMAV, in October 1986, that Michel Levasseur decided a few months later to start Les Disques VICTO. What better way to celebrate this 30th anniversary than to invite RENÉ to premiere a new project?

LUSSIER in a few words: uncompromising artist, a pillar of Quebec’s Musique Actuelle movement, composer of the avant-classic Le Trésor de la langue, singular guitarist, singer-songwriter at times, and a major composer ever since his membership in Conventum.

LUSSIER is presenting a brand new band for whom he has been composing a specific repertoire. The instrumentation by itself promises something unique: two drummers, an accordion player, a tuba player and RENÉ with his daxophone as a gift! With this ensemble, the guitarist is looking for a “variable geometry of functions” where each part can go to any player. LUSSIER, a percussionist himself, had worked previously with two drummers with the NOW Orchestra, and he seems to be having a heck of a time doing it again in a much smaller setting.

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Luzio Altobelli
Julie Houle
René Lussier