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battle trance 2USA, CANADA

1 PM - $ 20 

Travis Laplante : saxophone ténor
Anna Webber : saxophone ténor
Patrick Breiner : saxophone ténor
Matthew Nelson : saxophone ténor

New Yorker TRAVIS LAPLANTE (Little Women) woke up one fine morning with the fully conceived idea of forming a tenor saxophone quartet with MATTHEW NELSON (tUnE-yArDs), JEREMY VINER (Bing and Ruth), PATRICK BREINER (Vartan Mamigonian)... and no-one else. Luckily, they all accepted his challenge.

For BATTLE TRANCE, LAPLANTE composes suites that make use of circular breathing while exploring other extended techniques. The ensemble quickly made a name for itself by releasing a strong debut album, Palace of Wind (New Amsterdam, 2014), and performing all over the USA and Canada. However, the quartet truly fulfilled its promises with Blade of Love (New Amsterdam, 2016). This second opus features an uncannily rich concert-length piece in three movements. The musicians (including ANNA WEBBER, substituting for VINER at FIMAV) invested hundreds of hours of rehearsals in it, LAPLANTE having devised new extended techniques to realize his musical vision. This music takes us through a wide range of emotions as contrasting sections pass by, completely dissonant here, strikingly beautiful there. Forget what you think you know about saxophone quartets; this one is in a league of its own.

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Travis Laplante
Anna Webber
Patrick Breiner
Matthew Nelson