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« Dollhouse »

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gordon monahan 2CANADA

8 PM - $ 30

Une collaboration
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Bill Coleman : danse, performance
Gordon Monahan : composition musicale, effets sonores et visuels
Pierre Lavoie : conception des éclairages
David Gaucher : scénographie

« Dollhouse » is a striking allegory on how we lose ourselves in the clutter of our own lives. Dancer and choreographer BILL COLEMAN evolves on a stage littered with commonplace objects, in a performance that borders on circus art, his misfortunes triggering bouts of laughter in the first half of the show. GORDON MONAHAN uses mechanical and electronic devices to accompany the sounds made by the dancer, going as far as turning the latter’s body into a sound source. Each gesture produces sound, each sound elicits movement; this is dance/musique concrète.

COLEMAN regularly transcends the rules of dance and theatre. He has worked with the Sun Ra Arkestra for Hymn to the Universe (2008). MONAHAN (2013 Governor General’s Award) has completed multiple installation and collaboration projects since the late 1970s.

« Dollhouse » was premiered in 2016 at the Market Hall, Peterborough, Ontario. In this groundbreaking performance, COLEMAN and MONAHAN accumulate simple processes to create a complex whole of incredible audiovisual depth, while managing to remain entertaining, poignant and accessible.


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