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« Sorrow »

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10 PM - $ 36

Une collaboration
LOGO CKRL 2015 cism

Colin Stetson : saxophones, clarinette contrebasse
Megan Stetson : voix
Grey McMurray : guitare électrique
Ryan Ferreira : guitare électrique
Rebecca Foon : violoncelle
Sarah Neufeld : violon
Amanda Lo : violon
Daniel Bennett : saxophone baryton, clarinette
Matt Bauder : saxophone baryton, clarinette
Justin Walter : clavier, EVI
Shahzad Ismaily : synthétiseur
Greg Fox : percussion, batterie
Matt Marinelli : sonorisation

Henryk Górecki wrote his Symphony #3 (aka Symphony of Sorrowful Songs) in 1976. The piece started to exert a strong influence on collective popular consciousness in the early ‘90s, thanks to a recording released by Nonesuch. Beyond the universal language of this piece, one can hear in its simplicity, melancholy and climaxes (as in Arvo Pärt’s music) the near-complete draft of what would become post-rock.

This connection has never been more palpable than in « Sorrow », COLIN STETSON’s masterful "reimagining" of Symphony #3 for an eleven-piece ensemble where mezzo-soprano, strings and winds share the stage with electric guitars, synthesizers, and drum kit. STETSON, a sax player who has long been orbiting around the post-rock scenes of New York and Montreal, delivers a bold-yet-faithful arrangement. The electrification, the percussions (the original is devoid of them), and the breath of the bass saxophone turn Górecki’s songs into something larger than life.

Yes, Musique Actuelle can be cerebral, but it can also reach the highest peaks of beauty and emotion. « Sorrow », a piece at the confluence of two universes, is an epic concert for all audiences.

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Colin Stetson
Megan Stetson
Grey McMurray
Ryan Ferreira
Rebecca Foon
Sarah Neufeld
Amanda Lo
Matt Bauder
Justin Walter
Shahzad Ismaily
Greg Fox