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Our program for 2017

To submit a concert project for the 33rd FIMAV 2017 (18-21 May), please send your proposal (press releases / bios + audio material or video NTSC-DVD), by mail to the attention of Michel Levasseur, CEO and Artistic Director (no internet proposal).

To submit a sound art installation project, please send your full digital proposal by email to the attention of Érick D'Orion, sound art installations curator.

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Productions Plateforme inc.
CP 460 (82, rue Notre-Dame Est)
Victoriaville (Québec), Canada G6P 6T3
Ph.: 1-819-752-7912
Fax: 1-819-758-4370
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Only material received by regular mail will be accepted. Answers in late November 2016, at latest.
Thanks for your interest in our Festival.


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