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Sylvain bouthillette

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Exposition Sylvain Bouthillette

Buddhism teaches that human misery is rooted in three destructive impulses called “the three poisons”: greed, anger, and ignorance. These poisons generate the illusions and mechanisms that hinder or stop the realization of our creative potential and the achievement of a state of awakening. Ignorance is the most fundamental poison, as it drags the other two in its wake. Society will not be able to improve fundamentally, despite all the changes made to external factors, if people do not transform the latent negative/destructive tendencies in their own lives. This transformative stage is what I will be exploring in this exhibition.

Humour always has a key role to play in my art, and it shows in this group of works. It is as if the Buddha’s doctrine encountered the caustic burlesque humour of the Marx Brothers or – for a more contemporary reference – the black humour of Swedish filmmaker Roy Andersson.

Sylvain Bouthillette, February 2017

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