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MALCOLM GOLDSTEIN / Liu fang / rainer wiens

WORLD PREMIEREmalcolmgoldstein liufang rainerwiens

5 PM - $24   

Malcolm Goldstein : violion
Liu Fang : pipa
Rainer Wiens : guitare préparée, kalimbas

FIMAV presents the premiere performance of a trio that fuses two long-standing duos pivoting on the famous violinist MALCOLM GOLDSTEIN.

At age 81, still with one foot in Montreal and the other in Vermont’s countryside, GOLDSTEIN keeps on pushing the limits of his instrument. A pioneer of free improvisation and composition for improvisers, the creator of extended techniques now applied throughout the world, he remains a fierce performer. His last appearance at FIMAV goes back to 2010 in a memorable trio with Barre Phillips and Catherine Jauniaux.

Born in Germany, now a mainstay on the Montreal scene, guitarist and kalimba player RAINER WIENS has been maintaining a privileged musical relationship with GOLDSTEIN for the past 20 years. Their styles of playing, perfectly complimentary, feed on virtuoso, careful, totally free improvisation.

LIU FANG is acknowledged worldwide as one of the greatest masters of the pipa, a Chinese guitar. Trained in Chinese traditional music, she is also a surprisingly creative free improviser. Her duo with GOLDSTEIN has been documented in 2010 on a double CD and is one of the finest surprises of the past ten years.

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