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novi sad2GREECE

5 PM - $ 20  

Thanasis Kaproulias : ordinateur, interface audio

NOVI_SAD is THANASIS KAPROULIAS, a sound artist from Athens, Greece. In 2005, after studies in economy, he began to record and sculpt sounds through trial and error, without formal training. His approach is reminiscent of both Francisco López and Biosphere. Each project is meticulously articulated around a concept. KAPROULIAS states that he is drawing inspiration from “cinéma pour l’oreille” (cinema for the ear) in order to “donner à voir” (lead to seeing) through sound. It comes as no surprise that he is particularly fond of collaborating with filmmakers, including Ryoichi Kurokawa, KARL LEMIEUX, Lars von Trier, and Isaac Niemand.

« IIC », for « International Internal Catastrophes » is an audiovisual work based on materials recorded and filmed in Iceland. ISAAC NIEMAND’s majestic images are both fluid and static, and they suggest sounds that are not always there. NOVI_SAD’s music evolves delicately through time, evoking pictures that stand in contrast with the visuals. Sound and image put forth different interpretations of what is going on, leading spectators to question their own perceptions.

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