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8 PM - $32

Alexey Tegin, Daniil Zotov, Dmitry Globa-Mikhaylenko : voix (gyu-ke), tambours (nga), longue trompette (dung-chen), hautbois (rgya-ling), cymbales (bub) et objets

After a career on Moscow’s industrial music scene, ALEXEY TEGIN turned to bön, a pre-Buddhist tradition from Tibet that makes use of a rather crude form of vocalization called gyu-ke, or “tantric voice.” This art of overtone singing, a very low rumbling incantation, is the heart and soul of the unique musical project PHURPA.

TEGIN and the other members of his collective sit on stage clad in black hooded robes, wearing headset microphones and surrounded by minimal instruments: bowls, drums, horns. The sounds they make – heavily amplified – produce undeniable physical impacts, a deep-running vibration, striking at first but inviting to meditation. The music develops slowly, in tableaux, like parts of a ritual out of time. However, this is not a historical re-enactment: TEGIN’s approach is highly personal, original, adapted to the 21st century. The visual presentation is reminiscent of Sunn O))) – Stephen O’Malley actually took a shining to the band, releasing one of their albums.

PHURPA has a few records out, the latest one being a double CD entitled Gyer Ro. But this is a clear case where you simply have to experience them in concert to understand how intense and powerful they are.

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