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senyawa site
Rully Shabara : voix
Wukir Suryadi : bambuwukir

FIMAV is also a window on the world. In 2017, the Festival welcomes for the first time an act from Indonesia: SENYAWA. The music of this unique duo blends traditional roots, punk attitude, and experimental approach, all paired with a strong tribal feel.

SENYAWA is a collaboration between two highly skilled musicians. Vocalist RULLY SHABARA makes use of various languages spoken in the Indonesian archipelago and a wide range of extended techniques. His prowess brings to mind Keiji Haino and Tanya Tagaq in equal parts. WUKIR SURYADI draws from Indonesia’s traditions to create his own instruments, assemblages of bamboo, strings, and bits of metal. These instruments, used with effects pedals and loopers, give him the palette of a one-man band.

Formed in 2010, SENYAWA has worked with Damo Suzuki, Keiji Haino, and Tatusya Yoshida. The duo has released a handful of albums, their latest studio opus being the remarkable CD Menjadi (Morphine Records, 2015). They also have a split album with Japanese legend Melt-Banana. SENYAWA has performed all around Asia, Australia, and Europe, plus a few stops in the USA. FIMAV is proud to bring them to Canada for the first time.

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ex eye site
Colin Stetson : saxophones
Toby Summerfield : guitare électrique
Greg Fox : batterie
Shahzad Ismaily : synthétiseur
Matt Marinelli : sonorisation

Heavy, virtuoso instrumental rock, an unlikely patchwork of strong – and strongly compatible – musical personalities: EX EYE is one ferocious beast.

Let’s proceed in alphabetical order. GREG FOX (Guardian Angel, Liturgy, Skeletons, Zs), a fire-breathing drummer who gets equal respect from the metal sphere and the free improvisation scene. This is the fourth trip to Victo for maverick multi-instrumentalist SHAHZAD ISMAILY (Secret Chiefs 3, Causing a Tiger, Book of Knots), the last one being in 2015 with Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog. COLIN STETSON (collaborations with Arcade Fire and Bon Iver) has redefined extended techniques on the saxophone, and his bass sax playing can bury any doom metal bassist out there. TOBY SUMMERFIELD (Never Enough Hope, Crush Kill Destroy, Bill Brovold’s Larval) is a guitarist with a wide range of interests and noise-dipped skills.

EX EYE played its first live set in June 2016, taking everyone by surprise. Since then, the quartet has been developing its stature, as Montrealers witnessed last October at the Red Bull Music Academy. On FIMAV’s main stage, this band is guaranteed to explode!

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Colin Stetson
Toby Summerfield
Greg Fox
Shahzad Ismaily