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bang on a can all stars credit Lisa Bauso V2USA

10 PM - $42

A collaboration

Mariel Roberts : violoncelle
Robert Black : contrebasse
Vicky Chow : piano, claviers
David Cossin : batterie, percussion
Mark Stewart : guitares
Ken Thomson : clarinette, clarinette basse
Jody Elff : sonorisation

The organization called Bang on a Can was created in 1987 to present a one-day marathon of performances. Its founders – composers David Lang, Michael Gordon, and Julia Wolfe – are still at the helm to this day.

In 1992 came BANG ON A CAN ALL-STARS, whose goal is to give worldwide exposure to new music. The ensemble has recorded major works by Terry Riley and Brian Eno, and a song cycle by and with Iva Bittová, among many other projects.

For its first performance at FIMAV, the world-renowned New York ensemble presents « Field Recordings », a multimedia project where a varied range of composers were asked to each develop a piece around a scrap of field recording. This is a concert-in-progress as new commissions are still coming in. To this day, more than thirty composers have participated in the project, among them Alvin Lucier, Ben Frost, the late Jóhann Jóhannsson, and closer to us, John Oswald, Richard Reed Parry, and René Lussier. Despite this diversity, the result, surprisingly accessible, holds very well as a whole. The music crosses boundaries between contemporary chamber music, rock, jazz, and what we here at FIMAV proudly call Musique Actuelle.


JULIA WOLFE Reeling 5ʹ49ʹʹ
CHRISTIAN MARCLAY Fade to Slide (film de Christian Marclay) 7ʹ40ʹʹ
CAROLINE SHAW Really Craft When You 7ʹ02ʹʹ
DAVID LANG unused swan 5ʹ20ʹʹ
MICHAEL GORDON Gene Takes a Drink (film de Bill Morrison) 5ʹ57ʹʹ
RENÉ LUSSIER Nocturne 6ʹ35ʹʹ
TODD REYNOLDS Seven Sundays 6ʹ40ʹʹ
STEVE REICH The Cave of Machpelah (extraits de The Cave) (arr. Michael Gordon) 4ʹ39ʹʹ
RICHARD REED PARRY The Brief and Neverending Blur 5ʹ08ʹʹ
NICOLE LIZÉE Dancist (film de Nicole Lizée) 5ʹ00ʹʹ
ANNA CLYNE A Wonderful Day 5ʹ02ʹʹ
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