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Concert project
To submit a concert project for the 39th FIMAV 2023 (May 18-21), please send your proposal (press releases / bios + audio material or video NTSC-DVD), by mail to the attention of Michel Levasseur, CEO and Artistic Director (no internet proposal), in October/November 2022. Only material received by regular mail will be accepted. Answers in late December 2022, at latest.

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CP 460 (82, rue Notre-Dame Est)
Victoriaville (Québec), Canada G6P 6T3
Ph.: 1-819-752-7912
Fax: 1-819-758-4370
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Sound art installation project
To submit a sound art installation project for the 39th FIMAV 2023 (May 15 to 21), please send your full digital proposal by email to the attention of Érick d'Orion, sound art installations curator.

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