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Thursday, May 19, 2022 – For reasons related to complex family situations, the war in Ukraine, the unrelenting pandemic, and visa issues, the FIMAV organization, DAKH DAUGHTERS’s touring team and the Ukrainian artists are announcing that unfortunately the concert scheduled for the 38th FIMAV 2022 cannot take place. All three parties apologize to the audience who were eagerly awaiting this performance.

DAKH DAUGHTERS will be replaced at the last minute by WILLIAM PARKER’s “Mayan Space Station” project featuring AVA MENDOZA and FRANCISCO MELA! Tickets for the DAKH DAUGHTERS concert can be used for the replacement concert tonight.

Our team will be contacting all ticket holders for the DAKH DAUGHTERS concert individually after the festival in order to initiate the refund process. Please monitor your inbox and voicemail.

3 PM - $ 40

Solomiia Melnyk : voix, violoncelle, claviers, batterie
Ruslana Khazipova : voix, batterie, contrebasse
Tetiana Troitska : voix
Nataliya Halanevych : voix, contrebasse
Nataliia Charpe : voix, violon
Ganna Nikitina : voix, guitare acoustique
Mariia Volkova : éclairage, vidéo
Svyatoslav Rybak : sonorisation
Iryna Gorban : direction de tournée

With time, FIMAV developed a special talent for finding provocative artists who cross over geographical and musical barriers, yet whose music remains accessible to all.

The all-female group DAKH DAUGHTERS was formed in 2012 by actresses working for the Dakh Theatre in Kyiv, Ukraine. These singers-musicians-stage performers, all lavishly costumed and face-painted, present a colourful show that they fittingly describe as a “punk cabaret”. Their music combines several genres, from traditional Ukrainian music to jazz and “Belle Époque” French chanson, in an approach that can only be described as Musique Actuelle. Their lyrics often come from poets, and are sung in Ukrainian, English and French, among other languages.

The group has released two critically acclaimed albums (If in 2016, Air in 2019) and performed around the world in all kinds of events, even backed by an orchestra in January 2022!

If what you want is a concert that blends stage performance, beauty, boldness, originality and perfection, look no further!

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