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Wednesday, June 22, 2022 - Today we are publishing the photos report of the 38th edition of FIMAV, which took place from May 16 to 22, 2022.

In words - You can go to the press review or have a look at the photos report to read reviews and best quotes from Manon Toupin (La Nouvelle Union), Louis-Philippe Labrèche (Le Canal Auditif), Irwin Block (Avant Music News), Mike Chamberlain (All About Jazz), Eric Hill (Exclaim!), Bruce Gallanter (Downtown Music Gallery), Alain Brunet (PAN M 360), Philippe Renaud (Le Devoir) and Nathalie Bachand (ESPACE art actuel). More reviews to be published later this summer by Byron Coley (The Wire), Kurt Gottschalk (The New York City Jazz Record), Thomas Filteau (Panorama Cinéma), Alex Pelchat (Musicworks) and Josef Woodard (DownBeat).

In pictures - Since the very first edition of FIMAV, it is forbidden to record or take photos in the concert halls of the festival. We proudly believe that this rule allows the audience and the performers on stage to have an authentic experience and to focus on the here and now. The only person exempt from this rule is Martin Morissette, FIMAV’s official photographer for many years. We publish his exclusive photos in the press, on our social medias (Facebook and Instagram) and on our website!

FIMAV @ 38 - an edition that lived up to expectations

Tuesday, May 24, 2022 — The day after the closing night of the 38th edition of the Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville, which took place from Monday to Sunday, May 16–22, 2022, the team is proud to announce that all of its goals have been achieved.

The circuit of sound art installations in public places, a reference

This year was the 13th edition of our circuit of sound art installations in public places, and it attracted more than 12,000 visitors. It was open between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. Monday to Sunday, May 16–22. The circuit consisted of nine works, all world premieres and designed specifically for the places where they were exhibited in downtown Victoriaville. Despite weather that ranged from a violent storm to a cloudless sky, the public came and the organization recorded a record number of registrations for guided tours from schools, community groups and businesses. In total, 40 groups took advantage of our guided tours adapted to all ages and levels of interest, in French or in English.

More good news for FIMAV is the fact that many people from the visual and sound art worlds have testified to the importance of our circuit of sound art installations in public places. Curator Érick d’Orion accompanied a group of professionals from Montréal’s Phi Centre, as well as a curator from the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, and these people all highlighted the relevance of our bold project, calling it a reference in the field, both artistically and in terms of cultural production and mediation.

International music was back in the concert halls

“At last!” was the general feeling of the public, journalists and artists at the 38th FIMAV, thanks to the return of international music in the concert halls. Prior to the event, the organization expected a drop of approximately 25% in concert ticket sales compared to pre-pandemic days, and that’s what happened. The concerts were attended by close to 3,000 people in total. They came from all over Quebec, other Canadian provinces, several areas of the USA, and even Belgium! The concert line-up was of very high quality, included unusual discoveries, and clearly won over the public.

A large family gathering

The 38th FIMAV 2022 was a complete edition once again, with all activities and services back on track: concert programming, film programming, sound art installations, visual arts, cultural mediation, bar service, promotional material stands, cafeteria, etc. Public, journalists and special guests from abroad were finally back in Victoriaville, and the large family that is the FIMAV team was able to come together again and catch up. It is with a warm feeling that the team says: “See you next year!”

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