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Information for our audience

The 37th FIMAV 2021 team is preparing to welcome you safely. We hope that you can get a discovery-filled experience while respecting all public health guidelines in force, and in order to respect them, we invite you to read this document.

Last updated May 18, 2021

reminder: Public health instructions in your place of residence:

Remember that, when coming to Victoriaville, you must respect the public health instructions in force at your place of residence. For example, if restaurant dining rooms are closed in your place of residence, you will not have access to restaurant dining rooms here. Please make your travel plans accordingly and check the Government of Quebec’s COVID-19 page before starting your trip. It is updated regularly.


It is important to remind our public that travelling between different regions is not recommended at the moment. Furthermore, a person residing in a yellow zone who travels to an orange zone like the Centre-du-Québec region has to isolate for 14 days when returning home.

Public health measures in force at the 37th FIMAV 2021:

  • Stay home if you experience COVID-19-related symptoms, if you have been in contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case or if you received an order from Public Health officials to quarantine.

  • Disinfection stations are installed at the entrance to each concert hall.

  • A seat is assigned to you and cannot be changed.

  • A maximum of two contiguous seats can be assigned to the same family bubble (2 persons residing at the same address).

  • There is a distance of three seats or two metres between each occupied seat.

  • Wearing a procedural mask (disposable mask) is mandatory at all times, even when you are seated.

  • Concerts are presented without intermissions, and you must remain seated throughout the performance.

  • We ask you to follow the signage in place and respect physical distancing. Avoid hugging and direct contact with our employees or your acquaintances.

  • The concert hall is accessible at least 30 minutes before the start of the performance.

  • When the concert is started and the doors are closed, it is impossible to enter the concert hall (request from Public health). It is really important to arrive at the concert hall early.

  • Allow enough time before the concert to collect your tickets, in order to avoid congestion in the waiting area at the ticket counter.

IMPORTANT: On the evening of the concert, all audience members are required to respect the seat numbers assigned to them. Audience members who fail to respect these or the mask-wearing rules could be asked to leave the hall without any compensation.

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Refund policy for COVID-19-related symptoms:

Before you go to the concert hall, if you experience symptoms related to COVID-19 or need to quarantine yourself and therefore cancel your outing, you may request a refund. No refund will be possible if you attended the concert.

Ticket office: (819) 752-7912.

COVID-19 case reporting and tracing:

In the event that you experience symptoms or get diagnosed with COVID-19 in the days following your visit to FIMAV (up to 14 days), please follow the instructions of public health representatives and inform us of your state of health, so that the public health tracing team can stop the transmission chain.

Thank you for your collaboration.