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SUNDAY MAY 17     
3 PM - $28

Kasper T. Toeplitz : électroniques
Hélène Breschand : harpe électrique
Christophe Ruetsch : électroniques
Frank Vigroux : électroniques

ENSEMBLE IRE was formed a few years ago by two composers: FRANK VIGROUX and KASPER T. TOEPLITZ. They have in common an interest for the fuzzy area between studio electroacoustic music and live noise music. They recruited experimental harpist HÉLÈNE BRESCHAND, who has always sailed between contemporary music performance and free improvisation, both solo and in small groupings.

TOEPLITZ (who presented “DATA_Noise” at FIMAV in 2017), VIGROUX and BRESCHAND form the core of ENSEMBLE IRE, which can also include extra musicians. For the Victoriaville concert, the trio will be joined by CHRISTOPHE RUETSCH, a studio electroacoustic artist who matured into a live performer in recent years.

The ensemble’s repertoire runs from compositions by its members to the performance of works by major 21st-century composers (such as Phill Niblock and Ulrich Krieger) and bold live adaptations of electroacoustic music staples (like Zanési and Xenakis). IRE’s intense concerts pair precision with risk-taking.

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