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FUJI||||||||||TA / EYE

Simon MartinJAPAN

1 PM - $32

A collaboration

Yosuke Fujita : orgue, synthétiseur, effets
Tetsuo Yamatsuka : ordinateur, objets

Sound artist YOSUKE FUJITA, who goes by the stage name FUJI|||||||||||TA, has been active since the mid-2000s. He is constantly looking for unusual sounds and settings, performing in tunnels and caves, in addition to building his own instruments. In 2009, he built a keyboard-less organ with eleven pipes and a handheld air pump. This one-of-a-kind instrument and the ethereal music he coaxes out of it brought him international attention.

The ever-unpredictable sound and visual artist EYE, born TETSUO YAMATSUKA, has also used the names Yamatsuka Eye, Yamantaka Eye and Yamataka Eye at various points in his career. He was the striking voice of the band Naked City and has played all sorts of instruments through the years, from electronics to guitar to turntables, notably in the iconic band Boredoms, whose 2005 performance at FIMAV left a lasting imprint on the eardrums and retinas of our audience members.

These two have played together once before, in 2015. They will be picking up their musical dialogue where they’d left it, just for us!

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