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growlers webQUEBEC, USA

7:30 PM - $32

A collaboration 
cannal auditif

Pierre-Luc Senécal : direction, ordinateur, composition
Fortner Anderson : voix, texte

Chœur de 14 Growlers :
Mikaïl Standjofski-Figols, Pascal Germain-Berardi, Corinne Cardinal, Roxana Bouchard, Maxime Daigneault, Samuel Arseneau-Roy, Patrick Goyette, Estelle Martinez, Maude Théberge, Yves Godbout, Jeffrey MacDermott, Laurent Bellemare, Marie-Claude Fleury, Philippe Langelier

Imagine, if you will, an experimental choir consisting only of heavy metal growlers.

The idea came to PIERRE-LUC SENÉCAL in 2016. SENÉCAL, a composer and electroacoustic artist, writes music for dance, film, and theatre. He is also a serious metal fan, and a member of the Joker choir that performed at FIMAV in 2019.

Metal singing, be it of the guttural, cavernous or screeching kind, requires very specific techniques and talent. SENÉCAL recruited fourteen such singers in the Montreal area, trained them, and composed mixed music for them (meaning that the choir is accompanied by a prerecorded track of electronic and percussive sounds). This would be the first growlers’ choir in the world.

In May 2019, the GROWLERS CHOIR made its stage debut with a SENÉCAL composition entitled “The Dayking”, based on a poem by FORTNER ANDERSON, who recites it: it is a breathtaking piece masterfully conducted by its composer (there’s a high-quality video of the performance online). The Victoriaville concert will also include “Hate.Machine” and a brand new work.

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