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« Les lucioles »

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Joker Lucioles credit celine cote


8 PM - $32  

Joane Hétu : voix, composition, direction
Danielle Palardy Roger : voix, composition, direction
Jean Derome : voix, composition, direction
Alexandre St-Onge : voix, basse électrique, électroniques
Cléo Palacio-Quintin : voix, flûte, piccolo
Lori Freedman : voix, clarinettes
Catherine Tardif : voix, objets
Christiane Charbonneau : voix, objets
David Cronkite : voix, objets
Elizabeth Lima : voix, objets
Éric Forget : voix, objets
François Couture : voix, objets
Gabriel Dharmoo : voix, objets
Geraldine Eguiluz : voix, objets
Ida Toninato : voix, objets
Isaiah Ceccarelli : voix, objets
Kathy Kennedey : voix, objets
Maya Kuroki : voix, objets
Pierre-Luc Senécal : voix, objets
Vergil Sharkya’ : voix, objets

JOANE HÉTU is well known in the Musique Actuelle sphere. A sax player and singer with stunning skills, she is an active composer and improviser, in addition to producing concerts at Productions SuperMusique, and running the music distributor DAME and the record label Ambiances Magnétiques.

She started JOKER in 2012 as an extension of her research work on the voice, singing, and mouth sounds. JOKER is a noise choir with a cast of over twenty singers and non-singers (all active artists) with close or distant ties to HÉTU’s activities. For this group, she has been developing and refining a rich gesture-based vocabulary that allows her to “play” her singers like a twentysome-manual organ. She is also keen to letting members of the choir compose for and direct the ensemble.

JOKER has presented several programs in Montreal and published one CD entitled Où est-il donc ce rêve?. The ensemble has now reached its full maturity. « Les lucioles » is a brand new program created for FIMAV. It will feature three commissioned works by JEAN DEROME, DANIELLE PALARDY ROGER and JOANE HÉTU.

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