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« Aurealities »

growlers webCANADA, GERMANY

CARRÉ 150 (Cabaret G. Aubert)
8 PM - $38   

Lina Allemano : trompette
Christine Duncan : voix 
Paul Dutton : voix
Laura Swankey : voix
Matthias Mainz : piano
Albrecht Maurer : violon
Tom Richards : trombone
Joe Sorbara : batterie, percussion
Emily Anine Wittbrodt : violoncelle

In early 2012, the German pianist MATTHIAS MAINZ seized the opportunity to work with the great Canadian vocalist PAUL DUTTON in Europe. A year later, it was his turn to go to Toronto to work with him, this time as a trio with drummer JOE SORBARA.

When DUTTON retired from touring in 2017, the other two opted to build on the basis of their shared experiences with him. They slowly assembled a cast of top Canadian and German improvisers, a group that includes two of our own vocalists : CHRISTINE DUNCAN (Barnyard Drama, The Element Choir) and LAURA SWANKEY (Plastic Babies, Noam Lemish). They named their project The Aurealities Ensemble, borrowing the title of a famous collection of poems by DUTTON.

The ensemble commissioned compositions from its members, then gave its first performances in Germany in the fall of 2021. The North American Premiere will include compositions and collective improvisations under the sign of non-idiomatic music and the art of listening.

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