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John Butecher credit Bryony McKintyre V2


1 PM - $26

John Butcher : saxophones soprano et ténor

The British saxophonist JOHN BUTCHER is an incredible technician. He has absorbed Evan Parker’s extended techniques and expanded them in unique directions. His highly characteristic multiphonic playing bewilders the ear. And he has developed an acute sense of musical construction that instills deliberate consciousness in his free improvisations.

BUTCHER is particularly fond of unpredictable meetings and collaborations. He has made a few trips to Victoriaville (notably with the trios Thermal and The Contest of Pleasures, the Phil Minton Quartet, and Polwechsel), but had yet to be featured in a solo concert. And the solo concert has been his greatest strength for the past 35 years. His discography is littered with solo albums, starting with the still excellent Thirteen Friendly Numbers released in 1991 on Acta, a label he co-founded. (Nowadays, he runs the small imprint Weight of Wax.)

BUTCHER, who was a physician before turning to a professional career as a musician, is amazing at adapting to the acoustic properties of a site. That is why his concert will be presented at the St-Christophe d’Arthabaska Church, the perfect venue for this great artist, among the most innovative ones of his generation.

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