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Montage Konus korber 2019SWITZERLAND, GERMANY

1 PM - $28

With the help of
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Tomas Korber : électroniques, composition
Tobias Gerber : saxophone soprano
Christian Kobi : saxophone soprano
Ulrich Krieger : saxophone ténor
Jonas Tschanz : saxophone baryton

Swiss electronician TOMAS KORBER started releasing music about fifteen years ago, right when the Swiss saxophone quartet KONUS QUARTETT was formed. KORBER has worked with major figures from the electroacoustic improvisation scene (Günter Müller, Jason Kahn, Keith Rowe) and the onkyo improvisation scene (Toshimaru Nakamura, Otomo Yoshihide). As a composer, his impeccable works revolve around an immersion into stripped-down, silence-pregnant, interrelation-rich sound worlds.

KONUS QUARTETT are devoted to a radical repertoire, both in form and substance. They have commissioned and recorded works by Barry Guy, Jürg Frey, and Chiyoko Szlavnics, among others. In 2011, they commissioned a concert-length piece by KORBER for saxophone quartet and live electronics entitled Musik für ein Feld. The recording of this piece was one of the outstanding albums of 2014.

This association is so perfect that the quartet has commissioned a new piece, Anschlussfehler (which can be translated as “continuity errors”). The World Premiere takes place in Zurich in April, before the North-American Premiere at FIMAV. In Victoriaville, ULRICH KRIEGER will sub for regular KONUS QUARTETT member Stefan Rolli.