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Fatima MirandaFRANCE

CARRÉ 150 (Cabaret G. Aubert)
1 PM  -  $28 

Loïc Guénin : objets, percussion
Éric Brochard : électroacoustique en temps réel

NOORG, a duo active since 2018, makes improvised music out of subtle sonic materials that are masterfully manipulated and combined with uncanny deep-listening artistry. The project is said to be based on two musical notions: the drone (a sustained textural sound) and the organum (the medieval technique at the origin of polyphony, to be interpreted here as the addition of sounds over sounds). The group released its debut record, the wonderful Plexus, in late 2018.

It should be noted that, with this project, ÉRIC BROCHARD and LOÏC GUÉNIN are willingly stepping out of their comfort zone, as the former is usually a contrabassist (or an electric bassist in Derviche) and the second, a composer of acoustic and electroacoustic music.

NOORG’s concerts unfold slowly in front of tables loaded with all sorts of objects, effect pedals and laptops. Delicate sounds, often of an aerial or insectile nature, emerge and get treated, looped, exchanged, and transformed into soundscapes that can range from the mystery of near-inaudibility to intense assemblages that are just as mysterious. In other words, the duo’s performance will take your ears on a journey.

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