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SUNDAY MAY 22     
3 pm - $ 36  

A collaboration

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Aidan Girt : batterie
Eric Craven : batterie
Samuel Bobony : batterie
Charles Bussières : clavier
Reüel Ordoñez : trombone, voix
Véronique Janosy : trompette, basse électrique
Neboysha Rakic : trompette, voix
Eric Quach : guitare électrique

Like the supercontinent that grouped almost all emerged land on Earth more than 300 million years ago, PANGEA DE FUTURA brings together the musical forces of Montréal into a fabulous project with geological scope!

PANGEA DE FUTURA is the creature of guitarist ERIC QUACH, best known as Thisquietarmy (who ravished noise rock fans at FIMAV 2021 with Michel “Away” Langevin). QUACH brought into the fold three experimental bands from the metropole: Some Became Hollow Tubes, Black Givre and BLD.

SBHT is QUACH and Godspeed You! Black Emperor drummer AIDAN GIRT in drony post-rock mode. Avec le Soleil Sortant de sa Bouche’s SAMUEL BOBONY has been performing for many years now as the one-man drums-and-electronic unit Black Givre. The space jazz quintet BLD consists of a brass section (REÜEL ORDOÑEZ, Quebec’s most psychedelic trombone player, plus VÉRONIQUE JANOSY and NEBOYSHA RAKIC on trumpets), keyboards by CHARLES BUSSIÈRES (En Fer’s Charly Buss), and Hrsta’s ERIC CRAVEN on drums.

Since its inception in 2019, PANGEA DE FUTURA has worked only sporadically due to the pandemic. Let’s bet the band will be more than eager to sprawl over our stage!