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« Echo Painting »

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Peggy Lee credit Rita Taylor V3


8 PM - $34

Peggy Lee : violoncelle, composition
Meredith Bates : violon
Brad Turner : trompette, bugle
Jon Bentley : saxophones soprano et ténor
John Paton : saxophone ténor
Jeremy Berkman : trombone, bugle
Wayne Horvitz : orgue
James Meger : basse électrique
Cole Schmidt : guitare électrique
Dylan Van Der Schyff : batterie

FIMAV regulars have had the pleasure of following PEGGY LEE’s phenomenal development through the years. From the cellist’s first appearance in Victoriaville as a member of the Talking Pictures quartet (back in 1997!) up to her performance last year as part of Dálava, and through some of her own projects, we have been able to track the evolution of her playing (a blend of acute sensibility and bold extended techniques) and her writing (where avant-jazz and contemporary “classical” music meet and cross-feed).

« Echo Painting » is a very special project. For the first time, LEE is leading a ten-piece ensemble consisting of some of her longest-standing acolytes and a handful of newcomers on the Vancouver scene. This group was put together on an invitation from the Vancouver Jazz Festival, and LEE composed a suite that was premiered there. Since then, the ensemble has recorded this repertoire for the Songlines label and keeps playing with it on the road.

This project unveils a new level of maturity in PEGGY LEE’s art, with memorable, at times elegiac themes built gradually while leaving plenty of room for individual talents to contribute and shine.

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