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pikacyu / makoto kawabata

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Pika Makoto2JAPAN

8 PM - $34  

A collaboration
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Pika : batterie, voix
Makoto Kawabata : guitare électrique, électroniques, voix

In 2005, Afrirampo and Acid Mothers Temple, two major groups of the Japanese experimental music scene, brought their strengths and their members together to form Acid Mothers Afrirampo. These bands had shared bills many times before, but this fusion still came as a surprise, in the best way.

Out of this short-lived project came a collaboration between Afrirampo singer/drummer PIKA and AMT’s guitar guru MAKOTO KAWABATA. The duo started releasing limited-edition live recordings in 2009, and recorded two spectacular studio albums: OM Sweet Home (2011) and Galaxilympics (2017).

Together, PIKA and MAKOTO are exploring a true middle ground between their main bands: punk and psychedelic, upbeat and lysergic, hard-hitting and transcendent. This is yin and yang in all their glory, with virtuosity aplenty and palpable fun at playing together. Yes, these two are used to spreading themselves around collaborations to shake things up, but their duo is more than that : it is a bona fide band. And they’re on fire!

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