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CARRÉ 150 (Cabaret G. Aubert)
8 PM - $38 

A collaboration 
P.5 9 Logo Le Devoir 2020

Junko Ueda : voix, satsuma biwa
Antoine Arnera : claviers
Boris Cassone : guitare électrique
Ben Lecomte : basse électroacoustique
Guilhem Meier : batterie, percussion

FIMAV, being always on the lookout for relevant unprecedented projects, is proud to present this one-of-a-kind collaboration between the rock band POIL and the singer JUNKO UEDA.

Lyon, France, has a flourishing experimental music scene organized by the Dur et Doux collective, where ensembles combine and recombine in cross-pollination mode. It is there that the RIO-rooted experimental rock trio POIL (ANTOINE ARNERA, BORIS CASSONE, GUILHEM MEIER) came together in the late 2000s. Then POIL joined forces with Ni to form PinioL, and later POIL became a quartet with the permanent addition of Ni’s BENOÎT LECOMTE.

Enters JUNKO UEDA, a Japanese expat who has been living in Europe for several years now. This traditional singer and storyteller accompanies herself on a Japanese lute, the satsuma biwa, and she loves to exchange musical ideas, be it with classical music legends like Jordi Savall and Yo-Yo Ma or top-tier free improvisers like Peter Kowald and Lê Quan Ninh.

The meeting between her epic stories and POIL’s creative rock structures is coming out in March 2023, and it is riveting: dynamic compositions bursting at the seams with surprises. Symbiosis is not too strong a word to describe this project.

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