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« Au diable vert »
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10 PM - $ 40

Luzio Altobelli : accordéon, marimba
Samuel Blais : saxophones
Guillaume Bourque : clarinettes
Alissa Cheung : violon
Julie Houle : tuba
Robbie Kuster : batterie, égouïne
Marton Maderspach : batterie, marimba
René Lussier : guitare et basse électriques

What has RENÉ LUSSIER been doing during the pandemic? Enjoying “the luxury of time” (his words), isolated in the middle of nowhere, busy fine-tuning a set of new compositions worthy of the best things we have come to expect from this unique genius.

It should be said that LUSSIER, who is reaching pension age, is on top of his game. Last year, he released a phenomenal record, Complètement marteau, and his classic Le Trésor de la langue became available again, both on ReR Megacorp, no less!

« Au diable vert » (it means something between “middle of nowhere” and “anywhere and everywhere”) is built on the framework of the Quintet that set the 2017 FIMAV stage on fire: two drum kits, tuba, accordion, and guitar. But the writing has spun out of control, ideas flourished, and three high-calibre musicians have joined the ensemble: stellar jazz sax player SAMUEL BLAIS, Klezmer clarinetist GUILLAUME BOURQUE (Sagapool, La Fanfare Pourpour), and contemporary classical violinist ALISSA CHEUNG (Quatuor Bozzini).

« Au diable vert » is LUSSIER taking us on an off-road trip through the fields of Musique Actuelle without a seatbelt!

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