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10 PM - $40


montage senyawa Haino WebINDONESIA, JAPAN

A collaboration


Rully Shabara : voix
Wukir Suryadi : bambuwukir
Keiji Haino : guitare électrique, électroniques, polygonola, percussion

SENYAWA tore the roof off the Colisée Desjardins at the 2017 FIMAV. The Indonesian duo struck many audience members straight to the plexus: their original sound, RULLY SHABARA’s vocal prowess, WUKIR SURYADI’s mastery of his home-made instrument are all stunning.

Since, the band has enjoyed tremendous exposure, with profiles in major avant-garde music magazines and the release of a new album, Sujud, on the high-profile Sublime Frequencies label, making it the first SENYAWA record with worldwide distribution.

When we asked RULLY and WUKIR with whom they would like to collaborate for their next appearance in Victoriaville, the name crowning their list was KEIJI HAINO. A conclusive first experience had taken place in 2016, at Berlin’s CTM Festival, in a quartet with guitarist Kazuhisa Uchihashi. And HAINO is obviously a master in the art of collaboration, as several of his past FIMAV performances (with Richard Pinhas, Merzbow, Oren Ambarchi, Thurston Moore, etc.) have attested.

Prepare for a noise music trip in great company!

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Senyawa (Bandcamp)

Keiji Haino

THE EX @ 40

The Ex foto by Susanna Martins WEB


A collaboration

Katerina Bornefeld : batterie, voix
Arnold de Boer : guitare électrique, voix
Terrie Hessels : guitares électriques
Andy Moor : guitares électriques

For the past forty years, each performance by THE EX has been memorable – every single one of them. The energy, in-the-moment vibe, and unsurpassed camaraderie at the core of this band make it a must. Period.

Hailing from the Netherlands, THE EX is the embodiment of the Do-It-Yourself ethos. They always managed their own career, released their records themselves, organized their own tours, and chose their musical directions in collegiality. No compromise, not a single concession to “the market”. Four decades later, THE EX is as potent an institution of European indie rock as you are likely to find. Their influence transcends borders, styles, and generations. We should all draw inspiration from their integrity and convictions.

The band recently released a strong new record entitled 27 Passports, their first full-length opus as a quartet since 2010’s Catch My Shoe. They are back in Victoriaville (their fourth visit!) to tear the roof off the Colisée. The album was recorded in three days, after honing and trimming down the songs old-school style: on the road. And it shows: the music is punchy, feral, essential.

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The Ex