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tamayuge webUKRAINE, JAPAN

A collaboration

Tamara Filyavich : électroniques
Maya Kuroki : voix, électroniques, guitare électrique

TAMAYUGÉ means “eyebrow ball”, an uncanny name for an uncanny female duo!

MAYA KUROKI stunned more than a few audience members at FIMAV in 2019 as part of the Joker noise choir concert Les Lucioles. But this Japan-born artist has been (hyper)active for a long time. Some will remember her experimental rock band Dynamo Coleoptera. Others will have heard her recent band TEKE::TEKE or her collaborations with Rainer Wiens or Siamois Synthesis. This singer-guitarist with an undeniably unique voice is quite a busy bee.

TAMARA FILYAVICH was born in Ukraine and has been living in Montreal for two decades. This highly original electronic artist has dabbed in everything from ambient music to brutal noisecore. Her most surprising project (besides this one) is probably Moose Terrific, an electronics-only duo with Sam Shalabi.

TAMAYUGÉ, whose debut album Baba Yaga came out on Akuphone in early 2019, plays dreamy songs where voice and electronics meld into fascinating textures, occasionally backed by kitschy beats or tortured guitar. A real treat to curious ears!

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thisquietarmy away webQUEBEC

A collaboration

Michel Langevin : batterie
Eric Quach : guitare électrique, électroniques

THISQUIETARMY is ERIC QUACH, a workaholic Montreal-based guitarist. Under this moniker, he has released over 50 albums since 2005 on about 30 labels, and given at least 500 performances all over the world. This voluminous corpus covers a rather wide stylistic palette that ranges from post-rock to ambient, doom metal and synthwave. If you need a coverall tag, use post-drone, since QUACH’s approach is usually based on stacking sound loops.

AWAY is obviously drummer MICHEL LANGEVIN, founding member and lyricist of the heavy metal band Voivod. Beside his stellar career with that group, he plays in Les Ékorchés, worked with Lucien Francoeur, and of late has been making forays into improvised music, notably with MARTIN TÉTREAULT.

The meeting between QUACH and LANGEVIN took place in a studio in 2019, where they recorded several hours worth of material. A first slice of that session came out in late 2020 under the title The Singularity, Phase I, a powerful and extremely convincing record, the kind of artistic success that makes you wonder why this pairing did not happen sooner. The Victoriaville concert will be the very first live performance by this scorching duo!

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