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General Manager and Artistic Director: Michel Levasseur

Administrative Director: Joanne Vézina

Communication Director: Jordie Vézina Levasseur

Financing Committee: Jordie Vézina Levasseur, Joanne Vézina, Michel Levasseur

Technical Director: Patrice Daigneault

Facilities Director: Michel Fordin

Staff Management: Joanne Vézina, Michel Levasseur

Programming Advisor: François Couture

Sound Art Installations and Visual Art Curator: Érick d’Orion

Short films curator: Karl Lemieux

Logistics Coordinator: 

Ticket office, reception and clerical duties: 

Communication Assistant and Cultural Mediation: Karine Lapatrie

Volunteers Coordinators: 

Program notes (writing/translation): François Couture (except otherwise noted)

Stage Managers: 

Sound Engineers:

Lighting Engineers:

Photographer: Martin Morissette

Web Designer:

Support staff:

Printing: Impart Litho

Graphic design and layout: Isabelle Beaumier

FIMAV’s official program is printed on paper containing 100% postconsumer recycled fiber.