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« The Make Project »

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Weston Martin Duncan crédits Jean MartinCANADA, ENGLAND 

8 PM - $42

A collaboration
P.5 9 Logo Le Devoir 2020

With the help of
p.21 Logo CAC 2019

Veryan Weston : piano, composition
Jesse Zubot : violon
Joshua Zubot : violon
Andrew Downing : contrebasse
Jean Martin : batterie
Christine Duncan : direction chorale
Felicity Williams : voix solo
Alex Samaras : voix solo
Tentet de voix : Jocelyn Barth, Belinda Corpuz, Laura Swankey, Robin Dann, Samantha Mutis, Sarah Jerrom-McBride, Alexandra Kapogiannis, Andrea Kuzmich, Lieke van der Voort, Jenna Pinard

British pianist VERYAN WESTON is mostly known for his long-term association with Phil Minton (the duo performed at FIMAV in 1995) and his countless small free improvisation groups. However, he is also an accomplished composer whose “Tessellations” serie methodically explores the various scales of the Western music system.

Ontarians CHRISTINE DUNCAN and JEAN MARTIN last visited Victoriaville in 2016; he played drums in Tanya Tagaq’s band while she conducted The Element Choir.

« The Make Project », standing at the crossroads of avant-garde jazz and contemporary music, is the result of a close collaboration between these three artists. The most crucial work on the program will be “Tessellations IV (Make),” a co-composition featuring solo singers, musicians, and a scaled-down version of The Element Choir. The piece draws from 52 quotes by female authors, each one sung to a different pentatonic scale. Each time the word “make” is sung, the scale changes by one note. The music is so captivating that this device, though it drives the work, becomes barely noticeable.

Jean Martin