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VijaySextet credit Lynne Harty


10 PM - $42

Vijay Iyer : piano, clavier
Graham Haynes : cornet, bugle, électroniques
Steve Lehman : saxophone alto
Mark Shim : saxophone ténor
Stephan Crump : contrebasse
Tyshawn Sorey : batterie

If pianist VIJAY IYER has become the poster boy of the younger jazz generation, it is due to the unfailing quality and surprising scope of his projects. And the jazz planet’s favourite, now with four “artist of the year” titles from Downbeat Magazine, is only in his mid-forties!

IYER has worked with Steve Coleman, Wadada Leo Smith, and Rudresh Mahanthappa. His uniquely supple playing is infused in a holistic approach to jazz where the whole history of the genre is taken into account without becoming restrictive. His music relies on innovation, creativity and a spirit of adventure.

IYER’s first visit to FIMAV goes back to 2006, as a member of the trio Fieldwork. Incidentally, his partners at the time, STEVE LEHMAN and TYSHAWN SOREY, are also a part of the magnificent journey that is this sextet, whose debut recording Far from Over came out in 2017 on ECM. The line-up sports a strong brass section (LEHMAN, MARK SHIM, and GRAHAM HAYNES who also plays electronics) that is put to wonderful use.

This jazz is bold, virtuosic, thought-out, visceral, and very much alive.