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11 AM & 6:30 PM - $7
(18 years and up)

Throughout his prolific career, JOHN ZORN has worked closely with cinema, his tributes to both Ennio Morricone and Jean-Luc Godard (The Big Gundown, Godard) reflect this. He also composed the original music of several films that he published in 25 volumes as part of his Filmworks Series. While he has worked on many fiction and documentary films, ZORN composed film music only for the projects which he found to be of personal interest. These include experimental films and films dealing with BDSM and LGBT culture. This program of short films proposes a few highlights of this underground production.

Karl Lemieux, short films curator

By Night with Torch and Spear
Video, 8 minutes, 19421 by night with torch and spear WEB

JOSEPH CORNELL (1903-1972) was an American artist and filmmaker, one of the pioneers and most celebrated exponents of assemblage. Influenced by the Surrealists, he was also an avant-garde experimental filmmaker. By Night with Torch and Spear is a montage of archive footage from industrial, nature and ethnographic documentaries – a steelworks, caterpillars, Native American dances, camel trains – made strange by juxtaposition and upside-down, backwards and negative printing. The film was discovered after CORNELL’s death. It is presented here with an original soundtrack by JOHN ZORN. (source: One Surrealist a Day)

Courtesy of Anthology Film Archives, New York

Naked City Series #1: Gotham

Video, 2 minutes, 19902 gotham WEB

HENRY HILLS has been making dense, intensely rhythmic experimental films since 1975. A longtime resident of New York's East Village, he currently lives in Vienna. Among many honors, he received the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship in 2009. His films are included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art and are available on DVD from Tzadik. He has an ongoing collaborative relationship with works including Money (1985), Little Lieutenant (1994), Mechanics of the Brain (1997) and Arcana (2011). Gotham is a music video he directed for JOHN ZORN's band Naked City. (source: artist website)

The Last Supper
Video, 20 minutes, 20093 the last supper

ARNO BOUCHARD was born in Lyon, France. He works and lives in Paris. After graduating from the Sorbonne (Cinema and modern literature) in Paris, he continued writing novels, stories and developing his inner world. He abandoned words for a while and started writing with images. His film work is at the borderline between cinema and contemporary art and is very difficult to classify. It has been referred to as timeless, provocative and poetic. The Last Supper was initially integrated in a sculpture that was produced in 7 copies and has had very few traditional screenings. ZORN's soundtrack for The Last Supper, which was released as Filmworks XXII, highlighted his growing interest in composing for vocal groups. (source: artist website)

The Black Glove
Video, 25 minutes, 19974 the black glove WEB

For over 27 years, MARIA BEATTY has produced and directed films that are on the cutting edge of art and female eroticism. A precursor to the so-called new wave of “erotic noir,” she is renowned for her profound explorations of female sexuality, body politics and lesbian desires. Her work was screened at The Museum of Modern Art and at The Whitney Museum in New York and retrospectives of her work appeared in festivals such as the Berlin Film Festival and the International Film Festival of Rotterdam. In 1995, BEATTY conceived and produced her first erotic film The Elegant Spanking, which was shot in black and white with an original soundtrack by JOHN ZORN. Their subsequent collaborations include, The Black Glove (1997) which quickly became a cult film, and Belle de Nature (2008). In 1997, she started her own distribution company, Bleu Productions, and since then she has produced, directed and edited over thirty lesbian and queer transgressive erotic films. She has appeared in several of her own movies and live stage performances. (source: artist website)


11 AM & 6:30 PM - $7 

In an effort to highlight the ever present dialogue between experimental film and music, we introduced this new film series to the Festival programming two years ago. The short films presented in this program offer portraits of musicians captured in the moment and which intensify, in various ways, their creative gesture. Whether it is simply recording the work of artists with a stripped device, or prolonging it by a series of complex photochemical manipulations, these four films make it possible to recapture musical creation through the prism of experimental film.

Karl Lemieux, short films curator

Charlemagne 2: Piltzer
16 mm, 22 minutes, 20025 Charlemagne 2 Piltzer WEB

Originally from New York, PIP CHODOROV is an associate professor at Dongguk University in Seoul, where he teaches film production and experimental cinema. A filmmaker in his own right, he is the author of experimental shorts as well as documentary portraits of filmmakers including Free Radicals: A History of Experimental Film (2011). He is the moderator of the internet-based forum on experimental film, FrameWorks, and works in film distribution with, Voir Video in Paris, which he founded in 1994. Charlemagne 2: Piltzer is a documentation of the concert of composer Charlemagne Palestine, reworked with the optical printer, following a precise notation of the concert. The speed of the pianist directs the speed of scrolling images. The final result is at once a diary film, a document of the concert, a structural flicker film, a hand-processed film, a graphic representation of music, and an attempt to apply cognitive principles in sensation and perception to film art.

Jérôme Noetinger
Video, 12 minutes, 20186 jerome noetinger WEB

STEFANO CANAPA (1977, Italy) graduated in 2001 from DAMS University in Turin. Since moving to Paris, he has directed and developed his films at L'Abominable, a cinematographic artist laboratory managed collectively by a group of filmmakers of which he is a member. After moving to France, he combined his training with his experience from L’Abominable, and contributed to setting up similar organizations in Turin. He has been increasingly involved in projects with live components: installations, performance art, multidisciplinary improvisations. In Jérôme Noetinger, the musician of the same name, alone in front of the camera, plays his Revox B77 reel to reel tape recorder. For the duration of a 16mm film reel, STEFANO CANAPA decided to set down this improvised instant with a deliberately simple cinematic device, giving the spectator a poetic and delicate experience without neglecting a certain pedagogical aspect. The film is at the same time a portrait, a study of movement, and a sound piece in its own right, fixed on a perennial support: a strip of traditional black and white 35mm film.

Sans objets
Video, 5 minutes, 2019SANS OBJETS WEB 2

After studying film and music in Montreal, MOÏA JOBIN-PARÉ pursued her artistic practice as a percussionist and audiovisual artist. Filmmaker at the crossroads of animation and photography, she has developed a singular and innovative technique by scratching the silver emulsion of photographs, which she now exhibits and uses to create original short films. Sans objets immerses viewers in a sensory exploration of the nature of the gesture in an experimental work that brings together scratched photographies and a soundtrack composed by Benjamin Proulx-Mathers from original recordings of Cédric Dind-Lavoie, Julie Cloutier Delorme, Martin Tétreault, Simon Drouin, Thierry Guibert, Sonic Luz (Klaus Filip, Arnold Haberl), Billy Roisz and Dieter Kovačič. (source: ONF)

16 mm, 6 minutes, 2014H2T C A CODERRE 3 2014

CHARLES-ANDRÉ CODERRE lives and works in Montreal. He completed a Masters in contemporary experimental cinema at Université de Montréal and is a regular contributor to the film magazine 24 images. Dedicated to analog techniques, he is a member of the Montreal collective of experimental cinema Double Negative. He also is part of the audiovisual project Jerusalem In My Heart alongside with Radwan Ghazi Moumneh. CHARLES-ANDRÉ completed a first feature film, Desert Cry (Déserts), in 2016, co-directed with Yann-Manuel Hernandez. Shot on several types of film, H2T takes place in the mighty Hotel2Tango Montreal recording studio. The film is a chemical composition where light meets the effervescence and creativity of Sam Shalabi's band Land of Kush, during the making of their latest album, The Big Mango (2013). Filming of the recording session during rehearsals and breaks, the picture is just as ephemeral as the musicians’ movements. H2T reflects on the performative aspect specific to experimental film and musical performance.

Calling the New Gods - Senyawa live in Java
Video, 25 minutes, 20128 calling the new gods

VINCENT MOON is an independent filmmaker from Paris. He was the main director of the Blogotheque's Take Away Shows, a web-based project recording field work music videos of indie rock related musicians as well as some notable mainstream artists like Tom Jones, R.E.M., or Arcade Fire. VINCENT MOON is known for traveling around the globe with a camera in his backpack, documenting local folklores, sacred music and religious rituals, for his label Collection Petites Planètes. He works alone or with people he finds on the road, and most of the time without money involved in the projects. He shares much of his work, films and music recordings, for free on the internet, under Creative Commons license. (source: wikipedia) Calling the New Gods is a portrait of the legendary Indonesian band SENYAWA. The film was shot in Yogyakarta and its surroundings in the country of origin of the musicians. (source: vimeo)

Karl Lemieux would like to thank : André Habib, Gina Deyoung, Syl Disjonk, John Zorn, John Klacsmann (Anthology Film Archives), Jeffery Lambert (Pacific Film Archive) and Light Cone.