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« Breadwoman »

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5 PM - $24

Anna Homler : voix, jouets, objets
Maya Gingery : danse
Jorge Martin : modules et dispositifs de synthétiseur analogique

In the early 1980s, ANNA HOMLER explored privately a form of singing based on nonsense syllables. She recorded spontaneous songs featuring mysterious repetitions that sounded like incantations. Thus came to be « Breadwoman », a shamanistic character, an imaginary archetype of sorts, for which ANNA, then a performer instead of a singer, was wearing a mask made of bread.

In 1985, electronician Steve Moshier added music to HOMLER’s songs for a cassette release entitled Breadwoman. Thus came to be the public singer, and ANNA shed the mask. This album was reissued by RVNG Intl. in 2016. Since then, HOMLER has been revisiting and enriching the concept with the help of a new collaborator, JORGE MARTIN, and a dancer who personifies Breadwoman on stage.

ANNA HOMLER is in a class of her own, playing with language, voice, and singing. Her previous appearances at FIMAV (in 1996 and 2013) left unforgettable memories. Her soothing invented languages are captivating, and her moving voice is a source of fascination. This project, slowly matured in the course of a life-long career, showcases this grande dame of Musique Actuelle at the pinnacle of her art.

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