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« Seven Storey Mountain V »

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nate wooley 2USA

3 PM - $ 30  

Avec l'aide du
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Nate Wooley : trompette, composition
C. Spencer Yeh : violon
Leila Bordreuil : violoncelle
Ben Hall : batterie
Ryan Sawyer : batterie
Patricia Franceschy : vibraphone
Chris Dingman : vibraphone
Colin Stetson : saxophone basse
Ben Stapp : tuba
Josh Sinton : clarinette contrebasse
Ben Vida : électroniques

TILT Brass Octet :

Chris McIntyre : trombone, direction
Sam Wells : trompette
Mike Gurfield : trompette
Tim Leopold : trompette
Curtis Hasselbring : trombone
Will Lang : trombone
Dan Blacksberg : trombone
James Rogers : trombone basse

NATE WOOLEY was born in Oregon. Fifteen years ago, he moved to New York, where he seems to be playing constantly on the jazz, noise, contemporary and improvised music circuits. An innovative trumpet player and a singular composer, WOOLEY has emerged as one of the major talents of his generation, in large part thanks to his « Seven Storey Mountain » project.

« Seven Storey Mountain » was conceived as part of a reflection on risk in music, the act of stepping outside one’s comfort zone, and the search for what WOOLEY calls “ecstaticism.” It is not as much a cycle of seven compositions as a process where the same composition gets rewritten over and over, always using a tape part made of sounds recorded around the composer’s house.

« Seven Storey Mountain I » was a piece for trio and tape. The fifth iteration to be performed at FIMAV (and released on CD in 2016 by Pleasure of the Text) involves 19 musicians: 11 improvisers plus the Brass Octet TILT. A composition for TILT will also open the concert. A program with lots of notes!

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Nate Wooley
Leila Bordreuil
Chris Dingman
Colin Stetson
Ben Stapp
Josh Sinton
Ben Vida
TILT Brass Octet