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3 PM - $ 30

Avec l'aide du
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Une collaboration
LOGO Le Devoir 2016

« Désir : Concerto pour guitare électrique et ensemble »
Tim Brady : guitare électrique
Cristian Gort : chef
« 8 Songs About: Symphony #7 »
Sara Albu : soprano
Vincent Ranallo : baryton
Tim Brady : chef
Marie-Hélène Brault : flûte
Philip Hornsey : percussion
Mark Simons : clarinette
Geneviève Beaudry : violon
Martin Gauvreau : clarinette basse
Geneviève Liboiron : violon
Marie-Chantal Leclair : saxophone alto
Pemi Paull : alto
André Leroux : saxophone ténor
Jean-Christophe Lizotte : violoncelle
Daniel Anez : piano, clavier
Nicolas Lessard : contrebasse
Pamela Reimer : piano, clavier
Morris Apelbaum : sonorisation

A workaholic: that’s what TIM BRADY is. He never stops. Guitarist, composer, a tireless advocate for new music (he is the founder of the Canadian New Music Network), he writes as much for his multimedia solo projects than for symphony orchestras. His group, Instruments of Happiness, exists in three different guises: four, twenty, and one hundred electric guitars (the latter version won the 2016 OPUS award for best concert, Musique Actuelle).

At his previous FIMAV appearance, back in 2013, BRADY garnered public and critical acclaim for a stunning large-scale piece: Atacama: Symphony #3. In 2017, he is coming to Victo once again with a large ensemble, this time to premiere not one, but TWO new major works. « Désir », a concerto for electric guitar and ensemble, will feature BRADY’s virtuosic playing. « 8 Songs About: Symphony #7 » will take us to the premiere of Shostakovich’s Symphony #7 in 1942 in Leningrad, then under siege by the German army. This piece will feature solo singers SARA ALBU and VINCENT RANALLO performing poems by DOUG SMITH.

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Tim Brady