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« Forêt »

web franck vigroux 2022


8 PM - $ 36

With the help of

avec l'aide de

Franck Vigroux : électroniques, conception
Azusa Takeuchi : danse
Margot Dusé : costumes
Jérôme Bouchet : sonorisateur
Joseph Courant : vidéaste
Pierre Mille : éclairagiste

FRANCK VIGROUX started out as an improvising guitarist, before turning to electroacoustic music. He releases albums regularly and has collaborated with the likes of Elliott Sharp and Kasper T. Toeplitz. However, in the past decade, VIGROUX achieved new artistic heights through interdisciplinarity and performance art.

« Forêt » (“Forest”) is a concert-length work presented as a “journey through the inner self” and a “sensory and poetic opera”. Actually, this is full-on contemporary theatre where each facet of the show is perfectly integrated to the whole.

And what are these facets? First of all, we have a captivating electroacoustic score that flirts as much with abstract ambient music than with noise, and the whole thing is performed live by VIGROUX. Next are gorgeous projections (generative video by Antoine Schmitt, prerecorded video by Kurt d’Haeseleer) that bewitch and engage the audience. Finally, there is dancer AZUSA TAKEUCHI who is a wonder to watch evolve in choreography inspired by butô, a slow Japanese form of dancing that is based on fluidity and control over one’s body. Add striking costumes and fine-tuned lighting design, and what you get is a riveting performance with deep-running symbolism about which we will be philosophizing for years to come.