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« Sympathetic Magic »

Le Choeur de Growlers


CARRÉ 150 (Cabaret Guy-Aubert)
10 PM - $36

Kim Myhr : guitare, ordinateur, synthétiseur, compositions
Håvard Volden : guitare, sythétiseur
David Stackenäs : guitares
Eve Risser : claviers
Adrian Myhr : guitare, guitare basse
Hans Hulbækmo : batterie
Michaela Myhr : batterie
Ingar Zach : percussions

Lavish, luscious, and shimmeringly resonant, KIM MYHR’s « Sympathetic Magic » extends his important body of work from « You | Me », featured brilliantly at the 35th FIMAV in 2019. The new work, released in 2022 (Hubro Music), is similarly founded on rich layering of 6- and 12-string guitars and a panoply of percussion, but the vital addition of organs propels its harmonically riveting sound into an atmosphere of visceral wonder. The music was conceived and composed during the pandemic and tangibly manifests a longing for collectivity and togetherness. « Sympathetic Magic » unfolds in more obviously songlike ways than MYHR’s previous work, actively embracing and enacting a spirit of joy and positivity along the way. With HANS HULBÆKMO, ADRIAN MYHR, MICHAELA MYHR, EVE RISSER, DAVID STACKENÄS, HÅVARD VOLDEN, and INGAR ZACH.

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