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« You | me »

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Kim Myhr Orfee Schuijt V2NORWAY, SWEDEN, FRANCE

3 PM - $30

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Kim Myhr : guitares électrique et acoustique
David Stackenäs : guitares électrique et acoustique
Håvard Volden : guitares électrique et acoustique
Adrian Myhr : guitares électrique et acoustique
Hans Hulbaekmo : batterie, percussion
Ingar Zach : percussion
Toma Gouband : batterie, percussion

There is an unmistakable form of sensitivity in all of KIM MYHR’s music, be it in his free improvisation projects, his compositions for ensemble or his solo guitar works. And that sensitivity makes him particularly endearing. Three years after his collaboration with Quatuor Bozzini, he is back in Victoriaville to present his most striking project to date: « You | me ».

« You | me » first saw the light of day in the studio, where it consisted of MYHR’s multitracked guitars accompanied by three percussionists. The music blooms in dense, scintillating, increasingly complex layers over a relentless pulse. It brings to mind in equal parts Steve Reich’s structures, The Necks’ accretions and variations, and psychedelized Scandinavian folk music.

This magnificent record came out in 2017 on Hubro. Then, MYHR worked on a concert version. To recreate and expand upon the richness of the piece, he put together a seven-piece band consisting of four guitarists and three drummers. The band has a few performances under its belt, but this will be their first concert outside of Europe.

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