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growlers webQUEBEC, ITALY

CARRÉ 150 (Cabaret Guy-Aubert)
8 PM - $36   

Philippe Lauzier : clarinette basse, compositions
Belinda Campbell : piano, synthétiseur DX7
Frédérique Roy : voix, accordéon
Carlo Costa : percussions

Montreal composer and woodwind player PHILIPPE LAUZIER has assembled and written for a quartet of superb musicians with whom he has worked separately in duos: Montrealers BELINDA CAMPBELL (piano, DX7 synthesiser) and FRÉDÉRIQUE ROY (voice, accordion), and the Italian percussionist based in New York, CARLO COSTA. Doubtless it is through careful timbral research with each of them that LAUZIER (featured primarily on bass clarinet) has devised the uncanny language of SPLENDIDE ABYSSE. The combination of exacting instrumental preparations and exquisitely sensitive execution gives the quartet’s sound-world a distinctly shimmering and slightly aquatic quality, one where silences are palpably enriched. Within this framework, each musician is given ample space for improvisations that animate and connect the material, which LAUZIER has created and refined with the collective purpose of this special group in mind.

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