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« Not the Music »

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Lauzier Normand Credit Mathieu Gosselin


5 PM - $22

Philippe Lauzier : clarinette basse, électroniques
Éric Normand : basses électriques, caisse claire

They both enjoy splendid careers in avant-garde music. In their duo « Not the Music », they dive head first into rough, deliberately limited matter, which they transform into some kind of abrasive ambient music. Expect the unexpected.

From Montreal, clarinetist PHILIPPE LAUZIER (Sainct Laurens, Quartetski) has travelled the world and released several albums in Quebec and Europe. At last year’s FIMAV, he presented a memorable sound art installation with Frédérique Laliberté as Motel Hélène. From Rimouski, ÉRIC NORMAND plays bass, writes songs, organizes concerts, and builds home-made pedals. He has performed several times at FIMAV, mostly at the head of GGRIL, an exceptional improvisers’ ensemble.

« Not the Music » have been active for a few years already, with tours in Canada, Europe, and Australia. Their debut album, Do, came out in 2015 on Tour de bras, and they just released a second one, this time on Ambiances Magnétiques, documenting a meeting with saxophone legend JOHN BUTCHER.

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